27 March 2010

Ring Expansion Strategy

In, First Total Synthesis and Structural Confirmation of Fluvirucinine A2 via an Iterative Ring Expansion Strategy, the authors describe a really interesting strategy depicted in their diagram, below.

Preparing large sized rings (lactams, lactones) can be quite a chore. As the size of the required ring increases, the propensity for ring closure diminishes; instead, dimerization, trimerization etc occurs as competing side reactions. In order to avoid the formation of these side reactions high dilution conditions are required.

These high dilution conditions are avoided when this strategy is used. Further, the stereochemical control inherent in the mechanism of the aza-Claisen rearrangement has been used in this particular example.


(Note that my analysis is based upon the abstract and not the full paper).

Mechanistic details found in, SYNTHETIC COMMUNICATIONS, 26(9), 1675-1680 (1996).

18 March 2010

Apartheid Is A Matter Of Degree

It's not that your white that counts but that you've got a degree.

It doesn't matter if the job doesn't actually require a degree


under our degree apartheid system, we discriminate against people who don't have degrees.

Read about in last years Telegraph,

National intern scheme to help graduates through the recession.

Anyone remember the rescue of the black jews? No? Everyone else was left to starve.

Run 'Em Out Of Town

A note appeared on Old Holborn's site about five days ago called, "Disobey It Is Your Duty".

The post suggests ways and means of getting at the current gov via boycotting a number of goods and services, for example:

"1) No work, no school. ...
2) No shopping - don't buy. ...
3) Don't comply, take your £££s and savings out of large, corporate banks, ...
4) Ask Why. ...

Which is all very well but it lacks focus and coordination.

Of the four options listed by Old H, the Achilles heel is number three, "... take your money out of the banks ..."

However, for this to be effective, the bank should be chosen carefully; the withdrawals should be sudden and they should be sufficient to create a panic which ensure that the bank needs to be bailed out.

This process should be repeated until there is a sufficiently large run on the bank that it has to close.

One of the most effective means the government has of wielding power is not violence but through its sovereignty over money. Sever that and you're on your way to being free.

14 March 2010

Motability Drives Keynes

Check out the stats from the motability media centre:

"1. Motability Operations is a not-for-profit company that runs the Motability Car Scheme and is owned by the major banks: Barclays Bank plc, Lloyds Group plc, HSBC Bank plc and Royal Bank of Scotland plc.

2. With over 600 staff across sites in Bristol and London, the company has an annual turnover of over £2.2 billion.

3. The current Motability Car Scheme fleet is over 500,000 vehicles, the largest in any European country.

4. Motability Operations buys 7% of all new cars in the UK across 37 different manufacturers and over 4,000 makes and models are represented on the Scheme.
Cars are sold via 4,500 accredited dealerships throughout the UK and Ireland.

5. Any surpluses are reinvested into the Car Scheme to allow Motability Operations to provide affordable, trouble-free motoring solutions to its customers. 97% of customers would recommend the Car Scheme to a friend.

6. The Motability Car Scheme is open to anyone who receives the Higher Rate Mobility Component of the Disability Living Allowance or the War Pensioners' Mobility Supplement. The allowance is paid directly to Motability Operations and covers the lease cost of a new car.

7. Motability Operations operates the Car Scheme for disabled people under contract to the charity, Motability.

These stats are astounding. A substantial part of the car market is being propped up by this scheme.

If you can't afford a car this may be why.

Killgore on Flight 103

Prof Robert Black in, "Taking another look at the destruction of Pan Am 103", draws our attention to an article by Andrew Killgore in the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs.

"In February 1986 Israeli Mossad operatives installed a “Trojan” communications device on the top floor of an apartment house in Tripoli, Libya. The six-foot-long device was able to receive messages on one frequency and automatically rebroadcast the same message on a different frequency—in this case, one used by the government of Libya.


Recommended reading.

13 March 2010

Pannick Too Laid Back

Pannick, QC gives us some analysis of the consequences for the 'security services' (whatever that means) following the Binyam Mohamed case in, "It's time to act: there must be effective supervision of the Security Services", a story in the Times.

"The sorry saga of the Binyam Mohamed litigation has required the judiciary to strip away evasions and half-truths by the Security Services that have inflicted a body blow on their own reputation."

But Pannick confines his analysis to the security services.

The problem is not one for the security services but for the State, especially with regard to issuing public interest immunity certificates.

After Matrix Churchill, after Binyam Mohamed how can the UK gov issue another PII certificate on the basis of information received from the security services?